Software Development

We develop software, information and database systems, CRM systems and web services for administration, communication and synchronization. We will assure for you the analysis, design and development of a reliable and functional software on the basis of our practical experience from many realised projects.
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Tailored Software Development

It is often necessary to design and develop a tailored software or entire information system by specific requirements, while high demands are laid upon the functionality, reliability and safety of data processing. Such software, beside the development proper, necessitates also a thorough analysis, draft solution, communication and technical support also after the development, in order to assure a trouble-free operation.
Tailored Software Development

Our Experience with Software Development

  • Web applications
  • Desktop applications
  • Information and database systems
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Communication interfaces and API
  • Web services (WSDL, SOAP, REST)
  • Windows services, Command Line programs
  • Business Intelligence (Data warehouse, OLAP, ETL, Data mining)
  • Reporting (creating reports)
  • Multi-tier architecture (presentation, application and database)

CRM Systems Development

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) presents a tool supporting the improvement of relationships with the customers, monitoring of mutual communication and planning of activities. The stored historical data will help in analysis of a customer, creation of campaigns, business offers and deciding at draft of marketing strategy. CRM system may be a simple, but also a complex information system, consisting of a server part for data storage and assurance of communication for web, desktop and mobile application. These are mainly mobile application for phones and tablets, which allow the sales representatives to have all necessary data always accessible, to perform presentations directly at the customer or simply update the necessary data.
Development of CRM systems

Our Offer for CRM

  • Analysis of requirements laid on CRM system
  • Draft solution for administration and data storage
  • Development of web portals and desktop applications
  • Development of mobile applications for presentation and data saving
  • Development of communication interface for CRM system
  • Synchronize and update data
  • Development of tools for data analysis
  • Statistics and reports

Business Intelligence

Processing vast amount of data in such a manner to be easy and fast accessible for decision-making and planning is extremely important at present. The Business Intelligence (BI) provides tools, which allow the storage of vast volume of data, data updating from diverse systems, data analysis, as well as creating static and dynamic reports. For the purposes of marketing and business decisions it is essential to predict the development in future period on the basis of historical data, where the Data mining methodics may be helpful.
Business Intelligence

Our Offer for BI

  • Analysis of requirements and draft solution for administration and data storage
  • Fast processing of vast volume of data
  • Automation of data import to Data warehouse
  • Development of tools for data analysis
  • Data analysis by use of Microsoft Excel
  • Presenting summary data with possibility of detailed views
  • Data presentation in tables, graphs or KPI indicators
  • Data presentation by aid of reports

Do you need a Tailored Software?


What do you get with Tailored Software?

In case that there does not exist software and information system meeting your requirements, or modification of the existing software is impossible, it is complicated or financially demanding, then tailored software is the best solution. It allows development of just necessary parts of information system, which may be later extended by a new functionality, eventually completed by new parts as needed.

Tailored Software Development

  • Software or information system by your requirements
  • Possibility of extending software functionality
  • Integration of software to your other systems
  • Data updating from other systems
  • Creation of own reports
  • Utilisation of CRM system for communication with customers
  • Utilisation of Data warehouse for data analysis
  • Utilisation of Data mining for estimation of development in the future period

How do we Proceed in Software Development?

We are oriented to development of software and information system, which will meet all your requirements and ideas. The mutual communication during software and information system design is primary importance for us, in order to achieve the expected result. After development we will perform all necessary updates and modifications by new requirements and trends, as well as optimization for new systems.

Procedure of Software Development

  • Analysis of requirements and draft solution for software
  • Draft solution by requirements and type of software
  • Graphical design regarding the type of software
  • Programming by use of the most recent technologies
  • Testing the functionality and reliability
  • Integration of software to other systems
  • Support and upgrade after development

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