Web Solutions Development

We develop presentation websites and web portals, ensuring the best opportunity to inform your partners and customers about your company, provided services and offered products. Suitability of simple websites or necessity of a web portal, which besides information will provide also different services or mutual communication, depends on the project proper and its requirements.

Presentation Websites

Websites allow to present your company with the aim to attract the highest possible number of customers. Important factors for achieving the expected aims include the content, graphic design, transparency, optimization and regular update of websites. Neither utilisation of the most recent technologies and trends should be neglected. Last but not least, also functional and correct displaying of websites on various devices of customers, including mobile phones and tablets is required.
Websites Development | SOTEC

Our Offer for Websites

  • Analysis and design of websites by requirements
  • Attractive design of websites
  • Development of static and dynamic websites
  • Responsive design for phones and tablets
  • Language versions (multilingual)
  • SEO optimization
  • Chat, ratings, discussions, social networks
  • Presentations and loyalty systems

Web Portals

Web portals serve for gathering of vast information with possibility of data retrieval and providing various services via websites. Administration of web portal content is ensured via CMS (Content Managment System), while the utilisation of internal and external data is possible. An important and inseparable part consists in communication with other systems and mobile devices, what allows the access of web portal to a high number of customers. The presentation websites also comprise a part of web portal.
Web Portals Development | SOTEC

Our Offer for Web Portals

  • Presentation websites (providing information, data collection by the aid of contact forms and inquiries)
  • Online administration, CMS (Content Managment System)
  • Language versions (multilingual)
  • Sending notifications to mobile applications
  • Chat, ratings, discussions, social networks
  • Communication with mobile applications
  • Import, export, data synchronization
  • Statistics, reports

Do you need your own Website?


What do you get with your own Website?

Online retrieval of information and utilising internet services are the main reasons for having own website. It allows to obtain information about your company, provided services or offered products for 24 hours per day, which makes it a significant marketing instrument for you. Correct and transparent displaying of websites even on mobile phones and tablets improves their accessibility.

Advantages of own Website

  • Distinction from competitors and making your company visible
  • Improving and facilitating the communication with customer
  • Building up and presenting of own identity
  • Expanding sales of products and services
  • Availability of information without time limits
  • Creation and administration of own advertising campaigns
  • Online presentations, image gallery, video
  • Sending notifications to mobile applications

How do we Proceed in Development of Websites?

Our aim is to develop the website which will meet all your requirements and ideas. The mutual communication during website design is of primary importance for achievement of expected results. After development we will perform all necessary updates and modifications in accordance with new requirements, most recent trends, as well as optimising for new versions of web browsers, mobile phones and tablets.

Procedure of Website Development

  • Obtaining and analysis of website requirements
  • Draft solution by requirements and content
  • Graphical design of website
  • Programming by use of the most recent technologies
  • Testing the functionality and reliability
  • Placing the website on a hosting for the domain
  • Support and upgrade after development

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