Mobile Application and Software Development

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Mobile Application Development

We are a company dealing with development of mobile applications for iOS and Android phones and tablets. The number of mobile devices increases every day and thus also the number of users of mobile applications destined for these devices. Mobile applications have become an inseparable part of everyday life and therefore their importance is ever growing.
Mobile Application Development

iOS Applications

iOS phones and tablets belong to the most favourite devices mainly owing to their design, high performance, display quality, reliability and easy operation.

Android Applications

Android phones and tablets are very popular mainly owing to vast offer by brand, performance, display size and price, allowing users to choose the device by their own demands.

Complex Solutions

Mobile applications often work with data located on web portals or remote servers, therefore it is necessary to assure the management and data update, as well as the communication with mobile devices.

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Web Solutions Development

Presentation websites and web portals offer the best opportunities how to inform customers about your company and provided products or services. It depends on the project itself and your requirements, whether simple websites or web portal, providing users also with diverse services or mutual communication.
Web Solutions Development

Presentation Websites

The websites allow to present your company with the aim to attract as much customers as possible. Important factors to achieve the set aims involve the content, graphical design, transparency, optimisation and updating of websites. Functional and correct displayability of websites on diverse devices, including mobile phones and tablets is desirable.


Web portals serve for the storage of vast information with possibility of data retrieval and providing various services via websites. Administration of web portal content is ensured via CMS, where utilisation of internal and external data is possible. Communication with other systems and mobile devices is an inseparable part of portals.

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Tailored Software Development

It is often necessary to design and develop a tailored software or entire information system by specific requirements, while high demands are laid upon the functionality, reliability and safety of data processing. Such software, beside the development proper, necessitates also a thorough analysis, draft solution, communication and technical support also after the development, in order to assure a trouble-free operation.
Tailored Software Development

Software Development

Development of different types of software and software for assuring diverse activities by specific requirements with application of most recent technologies and trends. It concerns web and desktop applications, database systems making use of communication interfaces, web and system services.

CRM systems

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) provides support for customer relationship improvement. It allows to store customer data in one place, track mutual communication, plan activities, and perform other activities related with the customers.

Business Intelligence

The Business Intelligence (BI) tools allow to process a vast number of data in such a manner to be easy and fast accessible for analysis and elaboration of reports for the decision-making purposes. Data mining allows to predict future development based on historical data.

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